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urbano royal familyUrbano is an urban pop duo with a twist: it is made up of a brother and a sister, who not only share a family connection, but also a great knack for creating catchy urban vibes. Their recent studio effort, ‘Royal Family’, is a brilliant album that showcases the talent and versatility of this Philly-based duo.

The songs on Royal Family are diverse and exciting, blending the perks of various genres, including the emotional power of soul, the appeal of pop and the melodies of R&B. Influences from the world of rap / hip-hop and even funk also play a very important role to define the shape and attitude of these songs, which are extremely energetic and fresh.

This is the kind of album you would want to put on at a party, when its dynamic energy will surely not fail to get people up on the dance-floor.

One of the things that I like the most about great urban music is that it isn’t just a genre, but a blend of elements, aesthetics and ideas that come from various other genres, combined into a colorful sound. This is exactly the style and feel of this duo, and the 11 songs featured on their album truly hit the mark. Check out the video for latest single ‘Happy Hour’ below:

Find out more about Urbano and listen to their music here:

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