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Triple J Unearthed

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Triple J unearthed has now been running for an approximate 19 years and it amazes me that it’s still so unknown. The unearthed project was setup as a way for Australian artists to share their material with the world. Focusing on independent and unsigned artists, Unearthed is one big music community open to musicians and the public alike. It enables acts to upload and share their best tracks and newest songs with the ever growing community of music fans and musicians.

Being a frequent visitor to the site, I myself have witnessed the power of triple j’s unearthed program; watching once local pub bands become household names. 2010 was a great year for unearthed discovering a handful of fantastic bands including Boy & Bear, Gypsy and the Cat, The Jezebels and Stonefield.

When scouring the site you’ll come across a lot and I mean a lot of bands and solo acts. There are various categories so if you’re into serious metal, then you won’t be stuck listening to chilled out acoustics. You only need to be on this site for a couple of minutes and you’ll already have lists upon lists of fantastic unsigned artists.

Upon my many hours of shovelling and digging around, I’ve discovered a couple of bands that I’m sure have a bright future ahead…


I’ll start things off with an incredible young band. 8 mates from Sydney’s south coast form reggae roots band Chuparosa. First coming into the music scene in 2012, Chuparosa have already impressed a lot of people with their fun, chilled out tunes. The band are currently touring the Eastern Coast of Australia promoting their new EP “Sinking Sun” released December 2013. You can find some of their smooth tunes on their website. They’ve been receiving brilliant reviews from many fans stating that Chuparosa “are a band you HAVE to see live” and “a reggae force to be reckoned with”. These guys have an incredible future ahead.

The Elliott’s

Another group that have me excited are a young group of lads that are based in Melbourne. The Elliott’s are a fun indie rock band that are well known for their involvement in Australian program “Rock the schools”. Lead singer Robbie Elliott’s vocal are a great accompaniment with the raw guitar riffs. The Elliott’s slot into a breed of new wave Australian bands which focus on intelligent and catchy lyrics accompanied by solid instrumentals. I really hope to see this band touring soon, they give off an incredible atmosphere live.

Beth n Ben

Last but definitely not least, is a chirpy two piece from Canberra, Beth n Ben provide the world with witty lyrics and beats you can groove too. First joining forces in 2009, Beth Monzo and Ben Drysdale began playing memorable shows up and down the east coast of Australia. Releasing their third EP ‘Scenic Roots’ in October of 2013, the band took aboard plenty of new fans and multiple airings on Triple J. Drysdale can sound a little too Jason Mraz at times, but there’s no doubting his musical talent and Monzo’s beautiful voice. The two often join up with other musicians to create a beautiful ambience of chilled out blues mixed with a little bit of roots. This band provide the audience with a relaxing show and one that they can groove along too. Definitely one to watch in 2014.

So yes, I thoroughly recommend all music lovers to check out Triple J’s unearthed program. It’s offering local musicians the chance to be noticed and there’s no better feeling than discovering a great band before everyone else does.

Article by Sam Brown

Ben Corke

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