Top 10 best festival tents for 2016

best festival tentsThe best festival tents are difficult to find, so we chose our favourites so you don’t have to

That magical time of year is almost here. It’s nearly time to join the thousands of other music lovers who assemble at random farms/air fields/lake sides to drink cider, eat questionable burgers and lose ourselves listening to some of the most incredible bands on the planet. But putting all the fun stuff aside there is normally a little bit of planning that needs to go into making your festival experience the best it can be. One of the most important factors in enjoying a festival is having a decent tent to store your stuff and get a few precious hours shut eye before rolling out of your sleeping bag and doing it all over again.

The best festival tents give you room to sleep, somewhere safe to store all your alcohol and it needs to keep you warm/dry if it’s cold/wet whilst not roasting you on the brief occasions that the sun does come out. Going about choosing the right tent can be a stressful experience, but don’t worry we did all the research for you and chose our favourite festival tents…


The best festival tent for 8 people

8 man festival tentA lot of people head off to festivals in big groups, which means one of two approaches to camping; the ‘cluster’ method where you group a load of small tents together, often in a ring around a fire/pile of rubbish or you buy a huge tent and get cosy. If you’re going for the second option then you can’t really beat this tent from Argos which sleeps 8  people in 4 rooms. It is double skinned for extra protection from the inevitable rain and even comes with carpet for that added luxury!

Get the 8 man tent here

The best festival tent for 4 people

4 man tent festivalIf you’re going in a small group then you want something that will sleep everyone comfortably, leave a little room for hanging out but you don’t want it taking up too much space or you’re not going to be able to fit anywhere on a packed campsite. Halfords sell this tent which has two different bedrooms and a living area that a bit of additional space to store your kit and hang out. It is pretty damn easy to put together and with 4 of you helping it should go up in less than 20 minutes.

Get the 4 man tent here

The best 2 man tent for festivals

2 man tent festivalThe staple tent for festivals is the 2 man, a good one will provide enough room for 1 or 2 people to sleep and store all their stuff easily whilst not taking up too much space. It’s easy to buy a cheap and nasty 2 man tent, there are loads available but you will almost certainly regret it when A) you can’t put it up, B) the makers lied about it fitting 2 people when 2 mice would be squeezed to fit in and C) it leaks constantly. Investing in a quality tent like this one from Go Outdoors really is a good idea; it is spacious, can go from all packed up to pitched in minutes and it’s bright colours and luminescent ropes make it really easy to see when you’re wandering back from a nights festivities a little tired and emotional.

Get the 2 man tent here

The best pop-up festival tents

Pop up tents can be really hit and miss. Some people love them and some hate them. For convenience nothing beats them as they’re easy to carry and put up but they’re not always the most sturdy things and space inside normally goes lacking. Getting a good one is a must and Halfords sell our favourite and they even created this handy video which shows how you can pitch it in less than five minutes.

Get the pop up tent here

The best cheap festival tents

cheap festival tentIf your priorities and finances lie more with booze and partying than having somewhere to store your stuff and get a good nights sleep then you’ll be after something cheap right? There are hundreds of very low priced tents available online and many of them are terrible, but this one from Sports Direct is one of the better ones. It offers not-so-luxury accommodation that’s easy to put up and take down. It comes in a variety of colours too!

Get the cheap tent here

Our absolute favourite festival tent

the best festival tentsIf what you’re after is something that is easy to carry, pitches quickly and keeps you warm, dry and all your stuff safe then you’re probably going to want to pay a bit more. But trust me it’s worth it. This tent from Blacks offers everything you could ever want from a festival tent; it’s lightweight and tough, very much waterproof, is made of a breathable material which means no condensation dripping onto you and it’s very bright so no missing it amongst the sea of tents.

Get the best festival tent here

So go forth good festival-goers and enjoy getting to know your tents and pleeeease make sure you take them away with you after. Having worked at many festivals the worst site of the weekend is always looking out a sea of discarded tents that a bunch of idiots thought would be easier to leave behind.

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