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A few months back we brought you news from Albert Hammond Snr –  the most reliable source on all things The Strokes, he indicated that there would be a new album shortly and that The Strokes would tour in 2014.

Now we have as close to a confirmation on this as is possible. In an e-mail sent to fans promoting guitarist Albert Hammond JR’s new EP ‘AHJ’, a small snippet caught everyone’s attention…

“While The Strokes are toiling and writing, looking at 2014 for a return to the scene, Albert Hammond Jr has been busy on his solo EP which was released world-wide digitally on Julian’s Cult Records label”

This very strong hint all but confirms one of the world biggest guitar bands return is imminent, with new material and a tour becoming a strong possibility.

It’s barely 6 months from the release of The Strokes well received fifth album ‘Comedown Machine‘. The band did little promotion and no touring for their latest album, with Albert Hammond Snr pointing out that this was due to a stale relationship with label RCA. However to the delight of their fans all signs now point towards the sixth album being right around the corner with the chances being that the strokes new album will potentially be released via Julian Casablancas‘ own label. This freedom will perhaps allow the band to explore new ground and vary any recording process, promotion and tour.

Whatever the outcome of this latest little hint, the future looks bright for the band that revitalised guitar music in the early 21st century.

Comedown Machine can be purchased from iTunes now


The Strokes have been announced as co-headliners for The Governors Ball 2014 in New York. The festival takes place in June, giving even more evidence that the band will tour.

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7 Responses

  1. becky says:


  2. Marisa says:

    Ah não só em 2014?! Mas que banda preguiçosa esses Strokes!

  3. Beth says:

    Albert Hammond Jr denied it and then deleted the tweet. Sorry, but I don’t think we are going to see these guys together again. They apparently hate each other very much and their last record it is the perfect sample of it.

    • max says:

      i dont think they hate each other albert just released AHJ on julian’s label. their last record was iffy because they were having trouble with RCA

    • flo says:

      ummmm.. albert released his ep on julian’s label and has also said that the strokes could make 10 more albums together and comedown machine was good so yeah, ur wrong

  4. Ana says:

    YAY! love The Strokes <3

  5. Phil says:

    The band will likely tour/record again, but with Julian set to release a second solo album with The Voidz, a Strokes 2014 tour is highly unlikely. Just please Jesus let the next Strokes album be better than comedown machine!!!!