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The primadonna reedsThe PrimaDonna Reeds are a band that naturally blends impactful, personal lyrics with the immediacy of poignant melodies and infectious rhythms. Their music is catchy, yet textural and honest, making for a very good balance between commercial appeal and that brand of credibility that is so commonly associated with artistic integrity. Their recent studio effort, Red Stilettos, is a true step forward for this group, as the songs reaffirm the band’s core vision through an incredibly focused production. The song-writing is absolutely excellent and the production value hits the spot dead-on, going for a powerful and direct take on genres as diverse as punk and garage rock & roll.

Regardless of genre definitions, The PrimaDonna Reeds are one of those rare acts who truly seem to feel “comfortable in their own skin”, meaning that they aren’t trying to be someone else with their music, but simply trying to express their passion and creativity in the most earnest way they can.

The PrimaDonna Reeds definitely hit the mark with Red Stilettos, leaving room for so many excellent creative possibilities that hint at the group’s further growth, while staying true to their origins. Like most of my favorite performers, The PrimaDonna Reeds truly know how to evolve and set their goals, one song at a time.

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