Music Features | 10 things every fan of The Strokes knows

The Strokes

Because making music or not, few bands match up to The Strokes 

1) You know who broke the zoom

Nikolia broke the zoom

It’s always the quiet one’s…

2) You get really tired of people saying ‘Is this it’ is their only good album

Nikolai Fraiture Gif


Hahahahah NO… just go away and listen to the other albums properly.

3) You love their individual solo work… But miss when they’re not together

The strokes gif


4) You know the pain of an extended hiatus and live in fear of another one

no why por que

It’s that constant nagging doubt in the back of your mind….

5) You despair at the lack of tour dates

The Strokes tour


Release an album, DONE… Tour that album, NOT DONE. We know the band aren’t going to tour Comedown Machine, but there are rumours that The Strokes new album will be out at some point in 2014 and they might tour this…

6) You know never to be a mic stand…

Julian casablancas mic stand


7) Or a camera…

Julian casablancas camera smash


Moral of the story, Julian likes to destroy things… and not just fan’s hearts.

8) You love Albert Hammond SNR for being the source of all The Strokes leaked news


Guitarist Albert Hammond JR’s dad is usually the first one to share juicy news from The Strokes, and the fans love him. Legend indeed.

9) You know that a band with two guitarists is always better than a band with one

Albert hammond jr smoking


nick valensi smoking


It’s just science.

10) You know that they may have their differences, but through thick and thin they will always be…

The strokes


And you’ll always love them for it.

Ben Corke

Ben is a writer from London UK, he is Music Blogged editor-in-chief and his favourite bands include The Strokes, Arctic Monkeys, The National, The Horrors and The Libertines. Find him on Google+

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  1. Jordan says:

    Haha nice list, I definitely feel all of these things! Hope they make a new album soon