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Samantha Echo Poison Skies

EP Review | Samantha Echo | Poison Skies

Samantha Echo is a singer and songwriter with a pleasingly distinctive approach to her craft. In particular, she stands out because of her unique and instantly recognisable vocal ability. Her ethereal soprano style of...

Shannon K Sapphire

Single Review | Shannon K | Sapphire

Sapphire is the latest, touching single from Indian born UK singer and performer Shannon K. The song begins with beautiful guitar chords, drenched in reverb effects for a wide, cinematic and dramatic feel, a...

monday justice california

Single Review | Monday Justice | California

Sunny, warm, colorful, California. No, this isn’t a plug for the beloved American state, but the qualities of Monday Justice’s new single ‘California’. This LA-based singer-songwriter approaches his craft with an uplifting attitude, resulting...