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snap me a selfie santaAngela C. Howell is a singer and songwriter with a multitude of skills under her belt. She is also an actress, a writer, a teacher and a producer with a truly expansive background. She has performed extensively throughout the United States and Europe, bringing positive energy and beautiful melodies to worldwide audiences. Angela is already getting ready to greet this upcoming Christmas season with a brilliant new festive single. Snap Me A Selfie, Santa, merges a piece of modern pop culture, the habit of taking selfies, with the timeless Spirit of Christmas. The song is fun, bright and positive and Angela also curated the making of the single’s video, currently trending on YouTube. This song represents but one of the many sides of this talented and eclectic songwriter who has performed at the highest level of performance arts.

‘Snap Me A Selfie, Santa’, is just what we needed to start getting that Christmas mood on earlier than usual! With the Halloween buzz in the air as I am writing this review, I nearly forgot how close Christmas was! The song stands out as a commentary on the way we embrace and incorporate modern technology, even though the values of our lives essentially remain the same. For example, my grandmother certainly knew nothing about smartphones, apps or selfies, but she still celebrated Christmas. I am sure that she still looked forward to that special atmosphere and that amazing feeling of belonging. That is to say, even though most people today have incorporated the nearly incessant presence of social media and other connecting technologies in their day-to-day lives, we still have the same feelings and emotions. Well, we might want to take a selfie with Santa instead of greeting him with warm milk and cookies, but the same sentiment and excitement for the Christmas spirit is still in the air.

The song is not only highly enjoyable for its concept, but also for Angela’s spotless musical execution. As a performer, she has the ability to turn a simple melody into a truly memorable song.

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