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RadaR the wavelength volume oneRadaR is a band that has a brilliantly unique way of mixing punchy dance music style grooves with the energy of rock and roll. Their charismatic blend of influences, ideas and melodies collide into a refreshingly direct and appealing attitude that showcases the great chemistry between the band members in this DC area band.

The band’s recent release is titled “The Wavelength Vol. One” , and it is a vivid snapshot of the group’s outstanding musical prowess and special compositional qualities. On tracks such as ‘Shell’ and ‘G.U.N (Give Up on The Now)’, the band shines a light on their edgier side, particularly highlighting their fondness for personal arrangements and vivid lyrics.

On this EP RadaR particularly impressed me with their ability to combine the timeless simplicity of a great melody with a character and a personal attitude that make each and every song direct and special, even in spite of influences that the band proudly wears on their sleeves.

For example, tracks such as Any are echoing the work of artists such as Transit or Alt J, although there is no copycat vibe here: the mark of originality is not being able to create something out of thin air, but to expertly channel different musical and artistic influences into a personal and unique formula. This is what RadaR do with self-confidence and style.

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