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Shannon K SapphireSapphire is the latest, touching single from Indian born UK singer and performer Shannon K. The song begins with beautiful guitar chords, drenched in reverb effects for a wide, cinematic and dramatic feel, a perfect match to the timeless storytelling and beautiful atmospheres portrayed within this track.

Shannon’s vocals are distinctive and melodic, particularly balancing softness with energy in a very unique way. The song has been released with a matching music video – a beautifully filmed clip directed by Kharen Hill.

The video portrays the story of a couple who are discovering their love through different settings, particularly inspired by the magic of Disney characters and their colorfulness. The pair share their love for one another across different landscapes, from the side of the road to a beautiful park, sharing their devotion to one another and their love – as deeply precious as a sapphire.

Both the song & video lock perfectly into a creative and charming concept with vivid lyricism and tasteful production aesthetics. With Sapphire, Shannon K showcases her unique side as a singer and performer, as she is not simply interested in singing catchy melodies and tuneful hooks: she wants her songs to build a story as well as an engaging emotional connection with the listeners.

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  1. Tina says:

    Very nice song, soulful voice. Grt going shannon k