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russell leeRussell Lee is a singer and songwriter whose music is not only tuneful, honest and direct – but also extremely real. Russell belongs to a dying breed: he is one of those songwriters who wear their heart on their sleeve, not just working hard on their music, but truly living it at any given time. For Russell, music isn’t just something he does, but it is an important and integral part of his being. This honesty and creative spirit is definitely one of the many reasons why Russell’s work consistently receives praise and acclaim from audiences and critics alike.

Currently based in Winnipeg, Russell debuted as a recording artist in 2005, with his first album, “In The Night”. Since then, he kept recording music and refining his sound, craft and vision each step of the way, leading up to 2014’a heartfelt “What Do I Do” and even a great Christmas album in 2015, aptly titled “Songs Of Christmas”.

Today, Russell is yet again delighting his growing fanbase with his recently released music video for single “Picture”. The song is a great introduction to the artist’s ambitious plans and resolutions for the new year, as he aims to work as hard as ever to increase his audience and further expand his reach. The song features lyrics with a very nostalgic feel, although this song is far from being melancholic: there is a very uplifting and positive vibe to the track, which makes me think of artists as diverse as Bruce Springsteen or Neil Young, but with a smoother and more refined approach that has more focus on the melodies.

The song has been known to Russell’s fans for quite some time now as it was previously featured on “What Do I Do”, Russell’s 2014 studio effort. Although the song has been online for a while, the recently released music video does a great job of adding a new dimension to the track with its stunning visual storytelling and cinematic feel. The song’s mid-tempo groove is a great match with the nostalgic theme of the video, which, like the song, is all about memories and life.

The video also showcases beautiful images of Russell and his band, jamming away surrounded by stunning projections.

We love what Russell is doing with his craft and it’s a pleasure to see where he takes his music. With entertaining videos that match his quality vocals, we’re always excited to see what comes next.

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