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Peter Block a new beginningPeter Block is a composer and song-writer born in New York. His love for music dates back to his childhood, as his grandfather shared his passion for Broadway shows with him, inspiring him to follow his musical inclinations from a very early age.

Following in the footsteps of his grandfather, Peter inherited his charming 1926 Steinway piano and began writing and performing his own material shortly thereafter. His approach to song-writing and composition relies heavily on harmonies and beautiful layered melodies, as shown within the settings of his recent contemporary album, “A new beginning”.

The aptly titled record signifies a new, forward-thinking musical direction for Peter, who set out to charm listeners with his detailed, intricate and unpredictable compositions. Whether he’s performing a catchy buoyant tune or a melancholic ballad, Peter feels at home within a wide variety of styles and musical languages, thanks to his diverse background, skilled musicianship and endless passion.

This album is a musical exploration that draws on Peter’s vast experience performing with entertainment icons and his vocal ability and musical skill exudes from every point of this brilliant record

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Ben Corke

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