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Fans of Australian pysch-rock band Tame Impala around the world have been dropped into a state of shock and grief as the band announced via a Facebook post that popular bassist Nick Allbrook will be leaving the band. The statement announced the ‘end of an era’ as the bassist will be playing his last gig with the band at the Belvoir Amphitheatre in Perth tonight.

Nick Allbrook leaves Tame Impala

Source: Claire Martin

The band revealed the reasons that Nick is leaving is so he can “try and screw his head back on, and make an attempt to assimilate back into society” leading some fans to state that he may be heading off to rehab to deal with personal issues, however later in the post the band “wish him well in all his various fucking awesome artistic spewings and endeavours that he’ll actually have time for now” hinting that the reason he has left the band is to concentrate on his work with other bands POND (who have just announced new album ‘Hobo Rocket’) and Allbrook/Avery. However Nick’s position within Allbrook/Avery may also be in doubt as Allbrook’s replacement as bassist in Tame Impala is none other than “ape/womaniser/former pro golfer” Cam Avery who also figures from time-to-time in The Growl and POND.

It seems Nick’s departure is in very amicable terms with the other members of the band constantly mentioning “how awesome nick is”. One thing is for sure, Nick was an incredibly popular member of Tame Impala and fans will badly miss the paisley shirt/crazy sunglass wearing, wild dance move popping, bare footed bass player extraordinaire.

You can watch Tame Impala (including Nick) playing their track Feels Like We Only Go Backwards on the Jools Holland show below:

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