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Marwan Maurice ContinMarwan Maurice is a singer-songwriter with a truly distinctive approach to music. His sound blurs the lines between the lightness of pop and the intimacy of folk music, breaking down boundaries between genre, but creating a sound that is very easy to relate to. His latest single, “Contin” is an eclectic song that embraces a truly tantalizing dualism. Marwan set out to create a track that explores deep and somewhat dark personal themes, while remaining extremely uplifting and lighthearted. One of the best ways to explore difficult topics is definitely through the scope of a more uplifting settings: for example, the catchy melodies and great energy of “Contin” are a great way to let the witty lyricism settle into the mix. The title of the song refers to Oxy Contin, a prescription drug that Marwan had to use following an injury, leading to very conflicting experience that range from confusion to depression.

For better or for worse, the experience definitely channelled something special in Marwan’s creative, allowing him to find the right inspiration to create a lyrically accomplished and musically impeccable single with a very special edge.

Contin is a brave song, because it faces a rather hard topic in a very seamless way: I’ve personally never experienced anything like Oxy Contin, but through Marwan’s point of view and storytelling, the song makes me feel closer to his state of mind. At the end of the day, great songs are all about expressing emotions and telling stories, and Marwan certainly succeeds with this track.

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