EP Review – Marlena Anna – Habitual

Marlena Anna habitualMarlena Anna is a brand new artist who set out to cross the boundaries between R&B and Pop in her own distinct way. While some artists strive to create interesting music by blending genres and creating sophisticated sounds, Marlena doesn’t just limit herself to pursuing edgy tones, but she truly lets her own sparkly personality take the center spot and become a very important part of the picture. Her recent studio work, “Habitual”, features a collection of songs with personal, heartfelt lyrics that tell strong and emotional stories, song by song.

By blending her consciousness as a witty songwriter, as well as her passion for the appeal of pop and the soulfulness of R&B, Marlena set out to achieve a delicate, yet optimal balance between the emotional side of her music, as well as its edgier side: her songs feel fragile and introspective, yet stark and unapologetic, playing on the beautiful contrast between bittersweet melodies and energetic hooks.

With such a promising release, Marlena is quickly making headlines within the music scene, and her name is sure to be one to be on the lookout for. We’ll certainly be watching her progress intently.

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