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last lettersCharles Iwuc is a singer, musician and songwriter who has been an integral part of the New England music scene, in particular within the local pop/punk community. Hailing from Boston, Charles recently spent some quality time in his own home recording studio, Seagull Studio, where he relentlessly started working on his latest project as “Last Letters”. This work is ironically titled “Nothing to write home about”, creating a contrast between the chosen name for the project. These songs, however, are indeed, something to write home about, as this collection of songs is engaging, upbeat and direct, channeling Charles’s longtime experience as a pop/punker, but also showing that his attitude is still as passionate and direct as it was on day one.

Currently available on major digital music platforms such as Spotify and iTunes, “Nothing To Write Home About” channels the beloved sounds of artists as diverse as Blink-182 at their best, as well as Taking Back Sunday, The Get Up Kids, Dashboard Confessional, The Ataris or Jimmy Eat World, to mention a few.

Last Letters is all about great melodies and energetic hooks, as shown on the explosive single “One Cannon”, which has really great choruses and a collection of amazing melodies that blink an eye to the golden age of the genre, while remaining spontaneous, new and always fresh. Another highlight of the EP is “Lately”, which really showcases Iwuc’s fantastic vocals and solid songwriting skills.

One of my favorite things about “Nothing to Write Home About” is how this record blends in the youthful energy of pop/punk with a darker, more mature edge that is usually associated with other genres such as alternative rock and emo. There are plenty of loud guitars and heavy-duty drum breaks, but there is an intricate balance here, where you will also find melancholic melodies and personal lyrics with an introspective feel, building some truly layered sonic atmospheres that make for a diverse, yet consistent set of songs.

Listening to this record from Last Letters instantly brought me back to the days when I used to religiously listen to bands like Blink and Jimmy Eat World. The EP ultimately proved to me that the pop/punk sound that I used to love (and still do) is alive and it is doing well, with new exciting voices that are ready to carry the torch.

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