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jessalynFor some, arts and creativity just runs in the veins, quite literally! This is definitely the case with NYC’s Jessalyn. Being the daughter of John Gore, music has been a constant component in her life, and she has been passionate about performing ever since she was only a child.

Over time, Jessalyn paid more and more attention to music, not only refining her talent, but also her understanding of the business. She became the CEO of VillageBeats Records, and naturally, no mean feat at just 20 years old! Jessalyn is taking the local NYC scene (and beyond) by storm with her latest single, “Want Me”. She teamed up with none other than Remo The Hit Maker, a prolific producer known for his work with 50 Cent, French Montana and G Eazy, among others.

Jessalyn’s naturally stunning voice and the great melodies are a naturally compelling vehicle for Jessalyn’s dream and commitment to make her contribution to impact the world positively. This new single blurs the lines between R&B and Pop in a very tasteful way, remaining emotional and direct, but also very appealing and catchy, a perfect unity. The production of the song is also very unique, with lush and beautiful textures that add something special to the atmosphere of this song.

We really enjoyed Jessalyn’s latest single, keep your ear to the ground and listen out for her incredible talent. Here’s a snippet of what you can expect:

Ben Corke

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