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Jacob DidasArtist and composer Jacob Didas is a completely self-taught independent
producer and musician. But his passion also sits alongside his profession
as an army officer in active duty and a psychiatric nurse, based in
Kaneohe, Hawaii.

When he is not serving his country, he loves to spend time creating
diverse, thought-provoking and forward-thinking songs that defy
expectations and blur the lines between styles and attitude.

His latest studio effort, Lucid, has been completely self-produced, and it is
an amazing example of this artist’s creativity and uncompromising talent.
The songs are heavily inspired by the hip-hop genre, which feels like the
backbone of the record to me. I could go on and call this a rap album, but it
would definitely not do justice to the variety of the music and to the unique
approach that Jacob adopts for his production style.

His songs explore a wide variety of genres, ranging from rock and pop, to
EDM, experimental electronica and even R&B and old school hip hip.
“Lucid” definitely lives up to the album’s name, as these arrangements are
obviously very well conceived, showcasing a very “lucid” awareness on
Jacob’s part, who as a producer, definitely knows what it takes to create a
kaleidoscopic album that would cater to listeners that come from all walks
of life, regardless of their musical background or influences.

The album has a really perfect balance that goes between great melodies,
punchy beats and energetic hooks. Additionally, even Jacob’s vocal
performance shows a lot of versatility. He can easily rap with a relentless,
aggressive flow, but he also knows when to shift balance and take it a bit
easier to let more melody creep into his flow, going for a very versatile and
distinctive tone. Jacob’s vocal proficiency is also a great match with his
particular way to turn stories, thought and ideas into beautiful and engaging
lyrical works. Jacob is indeed a very outspoken wordsmith with a lot to say,
and his rhymes are full of clever double entendres, as well as straight
references that very directly discuss his own experience as well as his own
unique perspective.

All in all, this is an album that will certainly offer something to any listener,
whether you are into hardcore rap or pop, with a whole musical world of
influences right in between! It’s an album that is well worth a listen because
of its versatility, production and brilliant delivery.

Find out more about Jacob Didas and his music here:

Ben Corke

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