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Back in March 2015 we reviewed ‘Dandy’, a fantastic concept album from German artist Honey Tower. We described the record as “a masterful blend of influences that certainly left us wanting more”, with that in mind it was with much anticipation that her latest release “Metamorphosen” landed on our desk for a review.

Honey Tower labels herself as a “mysterious female electronic artist”, and from experience this description is not only intriguing, but also surprisingly accurate. The name of the project itself evokes very contrasting feelings, from the soothing sweetness of honey, to the massive, rock-solid imagery brought on by the word “tower”.

Honey Tower’s music is equally swayed towards beautiful contrasts, and it is indeed fairly hard to entrap the artist’s diverse and eclectic approach to sound in one single genre. Her music is interesting, eclectic and full of attitude, blending in various genres in order to create something truly personal, compelling and unique. The sound can be melodic and appealing, yet very experimental and refreshingly unpredictable, echoing the best of the German electronic music scene, with a touch of Internationalism, coming through in the form of very varied influences.

Returning to the music scene with a brand new EP, “Metamorphosen”, the name of which is quite revealing in the sound and in the intention of this artist. The word “Metamorphosis”, of Ancient Greek origins, actually means “transformation”, or “change”. Remaining very faithful to the original meaning of the title of the album, Honey Tower set out to raise the bar higher and truly reinvent herself. Comparing the last Honey Tower EP that we reviewed with this effort shows the growth and momentum carried by this brilliant artist.

This EP is a very conceptual release, particularly focusing on tacking various topics spanning different cultural hubs, including film, literature, fashion and even science. The abstract themes of this record certainly showcase a deep, well-read and cultured artist who is not only here to entertain the audience, but also to create some deep, thought-provoking art that engages, inspires and more importantly, even challenges the listener.

Sonically speaking, this might be Honey Tower’s darkest-sounding release to date. The atmospheres are haunting, nocturnal and very atmospheric, particularly borrowing from the artist’s love for organic, gritty and texture-driven production. The atmosphere of this album is also tied in really well with the concept of the release itself, making for a well-rounded and accomplished sound, combining with clever, poetic and inspired concepts, under the scope of edgy and experimental electronic music.

If the EP “Dandy” left us ‘wanting more’ from Honey Tower then “Metamorphosen” certainly delivers a fulfilling, thought-provoking response that shows the skill and talent of this wonderful artist. We hope that we don’t have to wait another two years to hear more!

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