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Henry Metal Boss of MeThe musical influences of Henry Metal are very clear: Straight up metal! When he was younger, he used to rock hard to the sounds of amazingly influential bands, such as Megadeth, Slayer, Metallica and Black Sabbath. Henry’s brand new single ‘Boss of me’ is a very personal tribute to these metal pioneers that inspired him.

Impressively, Henry produced the record by himself in his own studio, tracking the vocals with a hand-held mic in order to capture the raw energy of his live performance and emotions at its absolute best. The Shure SM57 dynamic microphone Henry is a true studio legend, and it is really an essential sound-shaper for live and studio performances for many classic metal bands. This authentic approach creates a sound that is so difficult to attain, but Henry manages it with style.

The recording process helped Henry deliver some stunning vocal performance, which conveys lyrics that explore the real significance of human freedom. The single was crafted with the help of other musicians, the apprentice Mages, whose anonymity is exchanged for blistering rock and roll performances. Henry Metal himself did not only perform the vocals, but also solos-on-fire that cut through the mix like a sharp blade.

If you are a fan of great heavy metal, you just cannot go wrong with this single and we certainly recommend that you check it out.

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