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Ginger and the glowsticksIf you want great energy, lush melodies and touching lyrics, you should definitely check out “Waterfall of Tears”, the latest release from Ginger and The Glowsticks.

This single is melodic, direct and extremely refreshing, largely due to Ginger’s amazing experience and natural attitude towards great music. She started singing at the tender age of 5 and, 3 decades later, she is still going strong.

The songs on this new EP are extremely personal, and they convey a positive message of hope. The self-titled single was indeed written after Ginger experienced something truly tragic: the loss of her parents. This is one of those experiences that will deeply affect a person, but Ginger can also show us that there is a light at the end of this bleak tunnel of darkness. The people we loved and lost will still be there, as long as we will carry them in our hearts and remember them.

In the video for this song, Ginger and the Glowsticks first, the main protagonist is reeling from the death of her husband. As the chorus kicks in, the widow sees and embraces her husband, but alas it is a dream and she hits the ground in despair.

The music that accompanies the video is touching and as they say, where there is life, there is hope, and even though it is not always easy to overcome grief, we can find the strength to go back to life again, carrying our memories in our heart and soul.

Listen and let Ginger inspire you and comfort you!

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