EP Review | Former Glories | Everything Will Change

former glories everything will changeClive Staples is an artist that has been busy with a variety of musical projects including Sally Sparrow & the Old 41, but his current focus on his solo outfit “Former Glories” highlights his yearning for creative freedom and sonic experiments. It also showcases the instinct of a songwriter that understands the basics of a relatable and powerful song built on simplicity.

Former Glories’ recent single, “Everything will Change” fills the space between the lightness of pop and the grit of alternative rock, paying homage to the hauntingly dark melodies of The Cure or Joy Division, as well as realizing the appeal and power of pop, not unlike artists such as Coldplay or Mew. The single will feature on his anticipated upcoming album “Silent Stones & Violent Regrets”.

The songs’ retro synths and tight rhythm patters blend in with Clive’s direct and forward-thinking approach to the art of arranging a song. One of the most difficult things to achieve is the process of creating something new and original by finding a great balance between one’s experimental attitude and the so-called “familiar territories” in music. “Everything Will Change” is a remarkable example of how Clive managed to juggle somewhere in between the two patterns.

Ben Corke

Ben is a writer from London UK, he is Music Blogged editor-in-chief and his favourite bands include The Strokes, Arctic Monkeys, The National, The Horrors and The Libertines. Find him on Google+

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