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Lizzy small always be thereElizabeth Small is one of those unique performers who are able to commit to different artistic projects, without losing their focus and constantly delivering outstanding results across all platforms. Whether she is acting on major motion pictures, starring in popular TV shows or singing her own tunes, Elizabeth “Lizzy” Small always strikes the audience for her passion, driven and unique blend of energy and charm.

Lizzy’s music is all about melodies that are easy to relate to, lyrics that reach out to the audience in a direct & personal way, as well as killer production values. Her latest single, “Always Be There” is a love song that showcases tender lyrics which portray Lizzy’s most romantic side: this is a song that deals with timeless themes such as longing, wanting somebody, and more importantly, committing to “always being there” and truly caring for somebody.

Although the lyrics of the song could at times appear quite melancholic, Lizzy is not planning on moping around! The lyrics acquire a nearly cathartic strength when paired up with the beautiful music. The rhythmic backbone to the song is gigantic: cinematic drums and groovy bass lines add to the depth and texture of the track, beautifully interplaying with Lizzy’s vocal performances. The piano melodies, as well as the lush sonic landscapes created with the aid of synths and other sonic machines are perfect to complement Lizzy’s phenomenal song-writing chops.

One of the most striking qualities of “Always Be There” is the beautiful intro hook, as well as the song’s relatable arrangement. It takes someone truly special in order to deal with such deep topics (feelings, romance, love, longing…) and being able to translate their inner views, hopes and dreams into a language that anybody could easily understand, regardless of their background. Whether you are into R&B, electro, pop or rock, Lizzy’s song has got something to offer to every kind of listener. From her innate sense of showmanship (her acting experience definitely helps heaps on that front!) to her positive energy and her soulful vibes, Lizzy Smalls has got what it takes to breach into the heart of the crowd and find a comfortable spot!

Find out more on Lizzy’s website here – www.elizabethsmall.com

Ben Corke

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