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DondiPhiladelphian music veteran Dondi is perhaps best known for his time fronting the fantastic horn band “JellyRoll” and he is a current member of the recording academy. But after nearly 2 decades with JellyRoll he decided to go out alone. “Enough for two”, the first single from his new album certainly signals his intent when it comes to performing as a solo artist.

Released last fall, the single harks back to old-school RnB, the way it should be. His rich, soulful vocals demonstrating abilities that Dondi developed from an early age and which he showcased during his time with world-famous boys choir at The Philadelphia Music Academy. In Dondi’s music, you also hear a depth and effortlessness that is only present in experienced live performers, of which Dondi is certainly one, as anyone who is familiar with the Philly music scene will attest.

Dondi’s vocals help to deliver powerful stories which are ever-present in his songs. Touching on a variety of themes, his words grip listeners and pull you in. It’s difficult not to enjoy songs like “Enough for two”, because they’re just too damn good to ignore! We highly recommend taking a listen and we’ll be keeping our ear out for more music from Dondi, which we’re sure will follow the same level of class as this single.

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