EP Review | Dare to Be Dreamers | Making Believe

dare to be dreamersSome bands in this day and age are starting to realize the incredible potential of multi-media arts. With such a poetic and inspirational moniker, ‘Dare To Be Dreamers’ are definitely part of this growing group of artists looking to build a bridge between their music and other artistic expressions to share with their audience. The inspirational message behind the music is also evident in their generosity, with proceeds from their online store going to help make dreams come true. Their ‘Dream Partner’ programme helps struggling families and young kids whose dreams hold little reality in their present situation. Find out more on Dare To Be Dreamers website.

The San Diego outfit became renowned for their use of music and visual arts (specifically, film) to engage the audience and share a really timeless message: make your dreams come true. The Band’s recent single, “Making Believe”, bridges the gaps between the cinematic atmospheres of electronic music and the appeal of pop, particularly reaching out to the audience with the strong appeal of EDM, as well as the punch and energy of the genres.

The band’s dance music component seamlessly blends in with their pop side in the form of uplifting vocal performances and beautiful melodies that remind of bands such as Coldplay, Temper Trap or The Fray, possibly jamming with Avicii or Steve Aoki!

Positive messages, unforgettable melodies and inspirational lyrics: this is how these guys…Dare to be Dreamers.

Ben Corke

Ben is a writer from London UK, he is Music Blogged editor-in-chief and his favourite bands include The Strokes, Arctic Monkeys, The National, The Horrors and The Libertines. Find him on Google+

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