Single Review | D. Francisco | I Want Ya

D FranciscoD. Francisco is an artist who strives to set the bar higher and push the boundaries of the Latin-pop genres. His tunes are immediate, sparkling and infectious, connecting with listeners through beautiful melodies, timeless lyricism and iconic rhythms typical of the Latin sound.

His single, ‘I want Ya’, has recently been released with a great accompanying music video (watch on Youtube below). D. Francisco is a true innovator of the genre, but at the same time, his music remains extremely accessible and appealing to a wide audience. The way he is able to blend traditional elements of Latin music with punchy EDM production aesthetic truly brings the genre into the 21st century, going for a pleasant, pristine and slick sound. One of my favorite details in the song is definitely the addition of trumpets, which remind me of some good old Morricone-style western soundtrack, and adds even more layers to the sonic diversity of the single itself.

In addition to the experienced musicianship and world-class production value, D. Francisco also boasts great showmanship and lots of natural charisma, as showcased within the music video for the single. His vocal style adds even more colors to this kaleidoscopic song, particularly thanks to his rather curious vocal approach, inspired by opera and classical sounds. It’s unbelievable how so many genres and sounds can converge into a song that yet remains incredibly captivating.

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