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Music Blogged is a community and we want you to get involved. Ask us questions, tell us your favourite band, ask us ours, spread the word about your new favourite artist… we want to hear your comments and thoughts.

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There’s a few ways you can get in contact with us, one of the best is on one of our vast array of social media pages (ok there’s not that many). You can talk to us on our Twitter, Facebook and Tumblr.


We love reviewing albums, singles, gigs and music related products – it’s one of our absolute favorite things to do.

We do receive quite a few requests to review music, so all of our review and promotion requests are now processed through the website Fiverr. If you do not have a Fiverr account already you will need to sign up here: Sign up page (link opens in new window)

Then you will need to click the links below and have a look at the promotion we offer (links open in new window)

FiverrPromotion on our social media pages

FiverrPromotion as one of our ‘videos of the week’

FiverrMusic reviews (please ensure you include how many words you would like written about your music by selecting a ‘gig extra’)


Partnerships with Music Blogged are always welcome, as long as your product is relevant to our visitors.

We can give away MP3 downloads, gig tickets, CD’s, vinyl (the list is endless). We can offer onsite/newsletter banner tenancy’s to advertise your band, gig, site or product. We can also run sponsored competitions, votes or articles.

If you would like to discuss one of these opportunities please visit our partnerships page.