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Circa Waves – The new Strokes…try again

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It’s easy to try and compare an emerging band to an established one, heck it makes sense as it’s the best point of reference. But there’s a trend in indie rock music that’s really gotten out of control… ‘blah blah are the next Strokes‘… every single new band that has a slight garage rock sound instantly get called out as The Strokes successors. Howler, Palma Violets, Skaters, The Vaccines… just a few bands that have gained the label in the last few years. The latest addition to this list is Liverpool band Circa Waves. Don’t believe it? Google their name and we’re pretty sure at least one of the articles you find will reference their likeness to a certain NYC band.

Whilst being given this title is great recognition, I can’t help feel it can be slightly damaging to a band on the rise. So lets shake off that label and start afresh with Circa Waves…

Formed in Liverpool, Keiran Shuddall (lead singer), Joe Falconer (guitarist), drummer Sian Plummer (drummer) and Sam Rourke (bass) make up Circa Waves. The band recently signed a major deal with Virgin/EMI and it’s easy to realise what one of the industry’s big players saw in this band. The indie rock and roll on show oozes confidence and they sound like they’ve been knocking around for years, when in reality they’ve only been making music since 2013.

The band have put out a few tracks which have definitely got people listening. Considering they haven’t even released an album yet, these songs are really as strong as anything put out in the last 5 or so years.

Get Away‘ crashes into life and immediately tells you what Circa Waves are all about; bold and brash guitar rock. It sounds like a mash up of Jake Bugg’s sound and Miles Kane’s tempo, with a lovely little chorus that hooks you in.

Good For Me‘ is just as memorable, the chants of “You’ll see I’m just NO GOOD FOR ME, GOOD FOR ME, GOOD FOR ME” will be ringing round your head all day. It’s pure Indie dance goodness reminiscent of The Coral and The Futureheads in their prime.

Finally, the bands latest single ‘Stuck in My Teeth‘ is a stunningly raucous romp. It has a Vampire Weekend quality to it, by which we mean the band have crafted a gloriously cheerful track that will just sound amazing blasting out at a sunny summer festival. Kick back and enjoy this on repeat.

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Clever lyrics with pithy quips aren’t the order of the day with this band, but why in hell would they need to be when you’ve got indie rock that isn’t the dull, bland and boring trash that’s been pumped out by most bands for the last 10 years. Stick these songs on anywhere and you’re guaranteed to get people dancing around like fools. If you get the chance to see Circa Waves on tour or at a festival near you any time soon, we would seriously recommend it.

Circa Waves are the kind of band that inspire levels of excitement rarely felt since indie rock last ruled the airwaves a decade ago… a time of The Libertines, The White Stripes and errrr The Strokes!

Seen Circa Waves live? Given them a listen? Tell us what YOU think in our comments section…

Ben Corke

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