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Christina Rubino down to the seaBrooklyn, NY native Christina Rubino has been writing songs since the age of 17 and her musical education stretched through a Depeche Mode cover band through to all-female trio “Josephine”, whose original music touched on shoegaze inspired rock. Her time with these bands stirred up a love for hitting the road and performing live, something you can definitely hear on her second solo record ‘Godspeed & Guns’, which will be released on 14th February 2017.

The first single from this new album is ‘Down to the sea’, a vibrant and emotive track that is strong both lyrically and in delivery. Christina has a wonderfully robust voice that she uses to creatively convey the often poignant theme of the track. “I have it all but I feel I’ve lost everything” sings Rubino and this snapshot sums up the song well, it tells a story that leaves you pondering the destiny of the antagonist.

The single is accompanied by a very beautifully shot video which perfectly captures the essence of the music, watch below.
On the whole, this is a wonderfully expressive track with beautiful production from Jerry Farley. The song leaves you with a eager yearning to hear the rest of ‘Godspeed & Guns’, which if this single is anything to go by, will be a masterpiece.

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