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armond jasonArmond Jason is a multi-talented performer who set out to explore different sides of music-making, from singing and writing his own songs, to recording and producing.

The latest studio single from Armond, “I Know” is a great example of his diverse talent and of his production abilities – not only highlighting his accomplished skills as a full rounded music maker, but also showcasing outstanding creativity and great taste. The song is indeed a refreshing crossover tune that blurs the line between rock, pop and electronic music, going for a very uplifting, positive and energetic atmosphere.

Learning the lesson from diverse pioneers such as Prince, Linkin Park and Jay Z, Armond knows that keeping an open mind is the best thing to do for anyone who truly cares about creating compelling music. In this particular case, his work showcases an outstanding synergy of technical proficiency, creativity and willingness to set the bar higher and let the music tell his story to the listener.

“I know” will soon be followed by Armond’s full length release, “The Gold Album”, which features even more examples of the artist’s vision and engaging personality, expressing itself in all of its multifaceted shades.

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