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It’s hard to make an impact, even more so when presenting an audience with only four songs, but Vogue Dots have managed it.


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Hailing from Halifax (Nova Scotia, Canada), Vogue Dots are an act you do not want to miss out on. Originally hailing from New Brunswick, their sounds echoes the cold and desolate shores, taking inspiration from a season spent in a cottage located in Belle Isle; the result? Vogue Dots are a captivating blend of layered samples and drumbeats, all woven together with Babette Hayward’s hauntingly beautiful vocals.

The collaboration between Tynan Dunfield and Babette is a mysterious symphony of dark and seductive nocturnal sounds swooning with emotion driven by a meticulously crafted synth and beautiful noise. Although latest EP Mauka contains only four tracks, the project feels complete as the duo branch away from covers and present four original tracks demonstrating their talents with song writing, sampling and experimenting with a surrealist edge. Take a listen below.

Echoing Beach House and Purity Ring with just a touch of 90’s pop, it is a dreamy blend of shoe gaze electronic music Halifax. Mauka is the follow up to Toska (released May 2014) and may be short, but as always with Vogue Dots, it is quality over quantity, that gives quite the punch to the duos sound. Recording the initials stages of their release at Brooklyn Based Cascine Records (Pigeons and Planes, WIldarms, Southern Shores etc.) and adding the final touches at Sonic Temple and Echo Chamber in Halifax, the duo have quickly made ripples in Canada’s East Coast Music scene.

Performing with Austra during this year’s Halifax Pop Explosion (October 21-25) they are a band you definitely want to plug into your ears.

Jenn Carson

Jenn is a music lover based out of Halifax, NS. She is constantly looking for new bands fuelled by endless cups of coffee. Her favourite bands include Interpol, The Smiths, Kasabian and Sam Roberts Band. You can find her on Twitter

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