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Geminis & Virgins Amber OdejaAmber Ojeda is a Los Angeles-based singer and performer originally from San Diego. Her eclectic blend of creativity and vast cultural background seep very deeply within her music, particularly in the form of her willingness to explore different genres and collaborate with different artists. Throughout the span of 3 studio albums, Amber has had the chance to refine and perfect her personal approach to sound – a powerful blend of soul, pop and R&B.

Her latest project, Geminis & Virgins is one of her most ambitious releases to date, created over the span of the last two years. The long creative quest led to a personal, detailed and rich collection of tunes, created with the collaboration of David Michael Ott, not only a friend, but also a talented long-time collaborator who helped Amber achieve her stunning personal sound on this record and on many other projects.

Amber’s introspective themes and deeply emotional lyrics are the “glue” that brings her vision together on “Geminis & Virgins,” which is one of those albums that connects with listeners immediately because of the intensely powerful emotional impact that breaks the barriers between artist and listener.

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