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The Blue DanesWith a moniker that hints at a “majestic” and “classy” background, The Blue Danes set out to ignite their blend of alternative rock with an aura of class and sophistication that echoes the work of acclaimed performed the likes of Wilco, Calexico or Neil Young, just to mention a few.

Hailing from Cedar Falls, IA, the group recently released their debut album, “Invisible and Untouchable” (available through Loki Valhalla Productions). The album is a collection of songs that dive into the band’s accomplished and earnest blend of songwriting. This record cleverly balances the importance of clever musical arrangements and introspective lyricism that go hand in hand with the melancholic melodies created by Frank Hansen, the main songwriter and mastermind driving the project.

Following in the footsteps of great storytellers and songsters who blurred the lines between intimacy and directness, ‘Invisible and Untouchable’ floats gently between the seamless grace of folk and the energy of rock, not particularly subscribing to either category fully, but finding an even ground where their sound and vision can unfold with class and intelligence.

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