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22hertz band22 Hertz is a band hailing from Toronto, Canada. The group has managed to hit their mark within a diverse local music scene with their own approach to industrial rock. Their music eases between heavy rock and an electronic sound, highly reminiscent of early Kraut rock pioneers.

On their recent release, ‘Detonate’, 22 Hertz has managed to strike a great balance between the weight and grit of heavy rock and roll music, combining walls of guitars and relentless beats with the precision and punch of electronic music, whilst embracing textures of synth layers. When you listen, artists such as Nine Inch Nails and Metallica, spring to mind.
Deep, direct and bold are all words that describe the rich and stylistic approach of this album, which was originally released in 2013, and was recorded and mixed independently by Ralf Muller, the mastermind behind the work of the band. Ralf produced this release on his own, but later teamed up with some of the best local musicians, who helped him take this music live and offer an amazingly intense experience to the audience.

I’d recommend cranking up your speakers and hearing ‘Detonate’ as it’s meant to be heard. The music is impressive, with solid vocals, deep bass lines and riffs that you’ll have in your head for days. This is an album that deserves to be heard and appreciated, because it’s certainly one of the best industrial rock albums that I’ve heard in a while.

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Ben Corke

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  1. 22 Hertz are really doing it this time! This is a fantastic review of their fantastic music.

    Althou, there are certain songs which are 6/10 in my book, I still like how they play.