Album Review | Mac DeMarco | Salad Days

Mac demarco salad days
Source: WeeklyDig

Sitting in the New York City sun, smoking a cigarette, and listening to Mac DeMarco’s second full-length studio album Salad Days is an enlightening experience. Seeing as Demarco recorded the 11-track album in his smoke-filled Brooklyn apartment, one can almost embody him in this act; contracting his contagious, carefree, Canadian spirit. Demarco made a name for himself in the Indie music world with his first two albums Rock n’ Roll Nightclub and 2. His dozy, feel-good sound and stage presence- so wonderfully ridiculous that one recalls Gogol Bordello or Of Montreal’s Kevin Barnes- worked to pigeon-hole Demarco as an artist with a childish sensibility and a penchant for immature, vacant lyrics. But alongside his claim that he no longer wishes to write music about “absolutely nothing” (in Demarco’s case a love of cigarettes and smoky nightclubs), comes Salad Days. Continue reading

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Album Review | Kairos | Sam Brookes

Sam Brookes Kairos

Kairos, is the second album from London based folk singer Sam Brookes.

Kairos is a truly independent album, not just in sound but also as it was self-released by the artist on, using funding from a campaign on (a kind of kick-starter for musicians). His first album was self-titled and somewhat similar in style, but with less use of non-traditional sounds & effects. Kairos is a great example of what happens when someone has their roots in folk music but shows a willingness to experiment with less traditional sounds and singing styles. Those of you familiar with Nick Drake and John Martyn will probably welcome this album, as it sounds like the kind of thing they’d be writing if they were still around today. Continue reading

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Music News | Miles Kane joins Arctic Monkeys

Arctic Monkeys miles kane

It has been confirmed that Miles Kane will join Arctic Monkeys as a full time member of the band. The Wirral rider himself has been close to the band for years, often joining them on-stage for live performances of the bands track 505 and making up half of Alex Turner’s side-project The Last Shadow Puppets.

The news may shock some fans as Miles is enjoying a successful stint as a solo artist, but the move has been on the cards for years and often been hinted at. Continue reading

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Music Features | Spring playlist

There’s a spring in our step…

It’s the time of year when life just seems that little better – no matter how much you love a cold and crisp winter, the first days of spring are always a joy. With this in mind we’ve put together a few favourite tracks into our Spring Playlist which will surely help blow away the winter blues. The track list is below and you can check it out on the Music Blogged YouTube channel, we hope you like it. Continue reading

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Are you listening? | Circa Waves

Circa Waves – The new Strokes…try again

circa waves band
Source: EMI/Virgin

It’s easy to try and compare an emerging band to an established one, heck it makes sense as it’s the best point of reference. But there’s a trend in indie rock music that’s really gotten out of control… ‘blah blah are the next Strokes‘… every single new band that has a slight garage rock sound instantly get called out as The Strokes successors. Howler, Palma Violets, Skaters, The Vaccines… just a few bands that have gained the label in the last few years. The latest addition to this list is Liverpool band Circa Waves. Don’t believe it? Google their name and we’re pretty sure at least one of the articles you find will reference their likeness to a certain NYC band.

Whilst being given this title is great recognition, I can’t help feel it can be slightly damaging to a band on the rise. So lets shake off that label and start afresh with Circa Waves… Continue reading

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Julian Casablancas and The Voidz – New solo album announced

Julian Casablancas the voidz soloLead singer of The Strokes announces new solo album with a cryptic video…

It doesn’t come as a massive sock that Julian Casablancas (The Strokes lead singer) has announced a new solo album, after all he’s listed as playing a number of festivals over the summer. A cryptic video released by his Cult Records label previews a couple of new tracks and ends with Julian Casablancas and The Voidz flashing across the screen… we’re thinking this is either the name of the new album, or he’s put a new backing band together for the album. Continue reading

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Album review | Opus Orange | Balance EP

opus orange band
Source: Opusorange Instagram

Rating: ★★★★★★★☆☆☆  7/10

Balance‘ is the latest offering from North Californian band Opus Orange. If you’re a fan of dreamy indie-pop music, or you’re new to Opus Orange but have a soft spot for bands like My Morning Jacket, then this album will not disappoint.

Opus Orange is the brain child of musician and composer Paul Bessenbacher. Paul is a real musicians musician; he went to college at a music conservatory, is an accomplished concert pianist and has years of experience working with various bands and artists from Chicago to Los Angeles. After moving to LA, he discovered a community of like-minded musicians like Lauren Hill and Jo Pusateri and formed Opus Orange back in 2009. Continue reading

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Music Festival Tips – Advice and Ideas

music festival tips advice survival
Source: Jason Bryant

It doesn’t matter where you are in the world, there’s no hiding from it… festival season is upon us.

If you’re one of the lucky ones who’s recently back from a US festival like Bonnaroo or The Governors Ball, heading off to one of the many European festivals (Glastonbury, Benicassim, Reading & leeds, Pukkelpop, T in the park…the list goes on) or even planning ahead for an Australian fest like Park Life, Laneway or Big Day Out then chances are you’ve encountered that dread that smacks us all in the face at some point… what do I take, how much will it cost, what if it rains, how do I see all the bands….

Never fear, with the help of our magnificent followers on Tumblr and Twitter we’ve put together a list of our top music festival tips so you can ease that dread, kick back and enjoy without a care in the world… Continue reading

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Oasis Reunion? Tour? Or is it an album re-release?

oasis reunion
Source: Will Fresch

An Oasis reunion has been rumoured for a while, with many fans pointing to a certain 20th anniversary and a number of free Glastonbury 2014 headline slots as hints that the some-might-say legendary Manchester band may get back together and tour this year. The feuding Gallagher brothers have been throwing us off the trail for months, but a video posted on the band’s Instagram and Facebook page (below) hinted at an announcement… Was this going to be confirmation? Continue reading

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The Horrors new album ‘Luminous’ announced

the horrors luminous
Source: XL

UK based Psych rockers The Horrors have announced their new album will be named ‘Luminous’ and will feature the artwork above. The album will be released through XL on May 5th, and the first single from the album will be called ‘I see you’ which was played for the first time on the Zane Lowe show on BBC Radio 1 and the Morning Becomes Eclectic show on KCRW. Continue reading

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